About Evolution Online Fitness! 

Evolution Online Fitness is different than the rest of the online fitness world. It is the brainchild of Coach Taylor Simon! 

Most online fitness is merely an app throwing together generic exercises that you blindly follow along with for a week before you become bored and realize you are paying a lot of money to some 20 something ‘trainer’ who is more focused on Instagram fame than actually investing in YOU.

Evolution Online Fitness was created by Coach Taylor Simon to turly change the way fitness is done. 

Movement is the key to a long and capable life, yet the entire fitness industry seems focused only on weight loss and what you look like. This has to change! 

There is only one thing you have to do: show up. I am here to guide you, answer questions, offer support, and cut through the mess of health information that overwhelms us with mostly false recommendations and strategies.

Train with me a few times a weel and see what you are capable of! 


Coach Taylor