About Evolution Online Fitness! 

Evolution Online Fitness is different than the rest of the online fitness world. It is the extension of Taylored Training Fitness, located in Ontario, Canada. We call this ‘the lab.’

Most online fitness is merely an app throwing together generic exercises that you blindly follow along with for a week before you become bored or online fitness is paying a lot of money to some 20 something ‘trainer’ who is more focused on Instagram fame than actually investing in YOU.

Evolution Online Fitness has been created by and is managed daily by a team of experienced coaches who make their living and their careers as dedicated health and fitness professionals. With more than 40 combined years in the fitness world they bring extensive knowledge to you and the practical experience to guide you on your fitness journey.

Working daily with real people in an actual gym since 2007 ensures that the base of our online platform is not just a hypothetical system based on out-dated textbooks and questionable online certification. Everything you will experience with Evolution Online Fitness has been tried, tested, refined, and tested again with real people just like you.

Our goal is to help you achieve your health and fitness dreams, whatever they might be.

There is only one thing you have to do: show up. We are here to guide you, answer questions, offer support, and cut through the mess of health information that overwhelms us with mostly false recommendations and strategies.

We promise that if you log a few times a week and do the program all of your fitness dreams will be within reach!


Coach Taylor MSc, BA, CSCS, CES,

Coach Whitney, BA,

Coach Vanessa MSc, BKin, NSCA-CPT