Evolution Online Online Waiver

You verify that all medical conditions, previous injuries, current injuries, medical history, and other issues that could be made worse or aggravated by following a guided fitness program have been disclosed to Taylored Training Inc. prior to commencement.

You, the member understands that risks are inherent with any form of physical training. You agree that Taylored Training Inc., ttonline.ca or its associates will not be held liable for injuries resulting from fitness and athletic training activities as directed by our weekly workout programs.

Taylored Training Inc. or its associates will not be held liable for injuries or complications resulting from failure to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions.

You agree to adhere to the advice and direction of any Taylored Training employee in regards to any fitness related matter including, but not limited to, exercise form advice and direction, exercise technique advice and direction, program advice and direction, long-term program advice and direction, and headeflth and safety advice and direction.

Payments are re-occuring on the day of the month that your first payment was made. Payments made cannot be refunded unless a written medical note from a licensed physician stating explicitly that you cannot participate in ANY form of physical activity at any level.

Evolution Online Fitness reserves the right to terminate your account at any time if we believe you are sharing account details with other non-members, sharing workouts and routines without permission from us, or acting in a way that is malicious or defaming to Evolution Online Fitness and its members.

If you have questions or concerns you are responsible for contacting our coaches via our forum or email at [email protected].